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N-Glycan聚糖分子标签/N-Glycan Label Reagent

N-Glycan 标签.png
N-Glycan 聚糖标签: N_Glycan Label Reagent


用于N-linked糖蛋白(包括抗体)经过PNGase F糖苷酶酶切后溶液中聚糖的超快速标记。 标记后的聚糖具有灵敏的荧光和质谱离子化特性。使用LC-FLR or LC-MS的定量分析检测。该试剂独特的化学属性提供了更高的荧光定量和最高的质谱响应。



  • 生物治疗蛋白N-聚糖表征分析


  • 质谱级干粉试剂

  • 标记效率高:3min

  • 热稳定性好:24小时



  1. 取 10ul. 1.5 ug/ul mAb 脱盐样品

  2. 加 10ul   3% BT  Surfactant w/5mM TCEP 变性还原缓冲液 

  3. 干浴 95°C 加热3min; 冷却至室温

  4. 加 10µl   1.5 unit/ul  rPNGase F糖苷酶, 干浴50°C 孵育15min

  5. 加 10ul    82 ug/ul N-Glycan Label标签试剂, 室温反应5min

  6. 加 15ul 无水DMF; 加45ul 乙腈

  7. LC-MS分析

for ultrafast labeling of N-glycans in solution after PNGase F glycosidase cleavage of N-linked glycoproteins (including antibodies).Labeled N-glycans have sensitive fluorescence and mass spectrometry ionization properties and quantitative or identification analytical detection by LC-FLR or LC-MS. The unique chemical properties of this reagent provide higher fluorescence quantification and the highest mass spectral response.



  • Characterization of Biotherapeutic Protein N-Glycans

the key Featuers :

  • Mass spectrometry grade dry powder reagents

  • High labeled efficiency: 3min

  • Good thermal stability: 24 hours

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