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BT表面活性剂/BT Surfactant

BT Surfactant.png
BT表面活性剂: BT Surfactant


BT 表面活性剂是一种新型的质谱兼容表面活性剂,用于溶液中蛋白质的提取、溶解和消化。可快速使蛋白质样品变性和溶解,并最大限度地提高蛋白质样品经蛋白酶切的回收率,重复性和消化效率。BT表面活性剂在蛋白质溶解和提取效率方面的性能与十二烷基磺酸钠 (SDS) 相似. 在45°C酸性条件下孵育30min可完全降解;在95°C高温加热3min也可以降解到0.01%以下。是最理想的蛋白变性剂和酶促反应活性剂。



  • 改进的蛋白质溶解和提取,特别是对于大的疏水蛋白质

  • 在高温下用于蛋白质完全变性并自身降解

  • 在低温下增强蛋白酶的酶切效率

  • 增强PTM多肽高回收率;重复性好

  • 解决蛋白不污染变性;多肽无需脱盐处理




BT Surfactant is a novel mass spec-compatible surfactant for in-solution protein extraction, solubilization and digestion. for rapidly denatures  proteins andhydrophobic proteins. maximizes protein recovery, repeatablity and digestion efficiency. The performance of BT surfactant matches sodium dodecylsulfonate (SDS) in protein solubilization and extraction efficiency. It can be completely degraded by incubation at 45°C for 30min; it can also be degraded to less than 0.01% by heating at 95°C for 3min. It is the most ideal protein denaturant and enzymatic reactive agent.



  • Improved protein solubilization and Digestion, particularly for large, hydrophobic proteins

  • Endo protein denature at high temperatures and Enhanced digestion at low Temp.

  • Enhanced PTM peptides best recovery and repeatability

  • Avoid proteins contamination treatment and Peptides be free desalination.

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