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生命科学/ Life Science Products
质谱级蛋白酶: Proteases for Proteomics


我们的产品:蛋白酶-C系列; 蛋白酶-N系列产品;糖苷酶;脂肪酶和免疫球蛋白酶系列产品




  • 不自残:适合蛋白组学生物标记物的应用,保证蛋白鉴定的专属性

  • 高活性:活性高用于蛋白测序新技术化

  • 质谱纯:超纯度,冻干粉产品

Endoproteinase turn the proteins into peptides, then are separated by LC and detected by mass spetrometry for biological data analysis. Our products:  Endoproteinase-C bond and Endoproteinase- N bond series products. these used for  the new protein sequenceing technology. specifically purfied to provide option digests for protemics application and Bio-pharmaceutical engineering .


the key Featuers :

  • No self-hydrolysis: be best  for proteomics Biomarkers and ensure specificity of protein identification

  • Activity: BEST for low abundance protein identification

  • High purity: ultra purity, lyophilized for  proteomics research.

BT 表面活性剂2.png
表面活性剂: BT Surfactant


质谱兼容的质谱级表面活性剂用于溶液中蛋白质提取、变性、增溶和酶切. 取代传统不可降解的SDS,盐酸胍,尿素等试剂;是新一代变性剂,酶促反应活性剂。



  • 改进的蛋白质溶解和提取,特别是对于大的疏水蛋白质

  • 在高温下用于蛋白质完全变性并自身降解

  • 在低温下增强蛋白酶的酶切效率

  • 增强PTM多肽高回收率;重复性好

  • 解决蛋白不污染变性;多肽无需脱盐处理




MS-Compatible BT Surfactant for Protein Extraction, Denature, Solubilization and Digestion in Solution instead of the convenient reagents eg. SDS,Guanidine hydrochloride,Urea.


  • Improved protein solubilization and Digestion, particularly for large, hydrophobic proteins

  • Endo protein denature at high temperatures and Enhanced digestion at low Temp.

  • Enhanced PTM peptides best recovery and repeatability

  • Avoid proteins contamination treatment and Peptides be free desalination.

IdeS | IdeZ

快速糖苷酶PNGase F: Glycosidase


抗体和抗体载体作为治疗药物。N-glycan Asn297 Fc区域的免疫球蛋白IgG功能Asn297的保留的N端寡糖是活性官能团。PNGase F 是从糖蛋白中去除N-连接寡糖的最有效的酶促方法。重组表达的快速PNGase F 是一种重组酰胺酶,可在高甘露糖、杂合和复合寡糖的最内层 GlcNAc 和天冬酰胺残基之间切割



  • 表征蛋白质是否被糖基化

  • 表征聚糖结构

  • 确定蛋白质上的糖基化位置



  • 可在天然或变性条件下使用

  • 酶切效率快:10min去除N-Glycan寡糖链

  • ≥ 99.5% 纯度,由UPLC/ESI-MS 测定

  • 不含甘油,质谱分析兼容


A number of antibodies and antibody fusions are currently used as therapeutic agents. A conserved N-glycan at Asn297 of the Fc region of IgG is critical for functional activity. PNGase F is the most effective enzymatic method for removing almost all N-linked oligosaccharides from glycoproteins. Rapid rPNGase F is a recombinant amidase, which cleaves between the innermost GlcNAc and asparagine residues of high mannose, hybrid, and complex oligosaccharides.


  • Characterizing whether the protein is glycosylated

  • Characterizing the N-glycan chain structure of glycoproteins

  • Determining the location of glycosylation on the protein

the key Featuers :

  • Can be used for glycoproteins under native or denaturing conditions

  • Rapid cleavage:10min cut-off N-Glycan chain of mAb

  • ≥ 99.5% purity,as determined by UPLC/ESI-MS

  • Glycerol-free for  mass spectrometry analysis

IdeS | IdeZ

免疫球蛋白酶: rIdeS | rIdeZ


重组表达纯化的IdeS 和 IdeZ 蛋白酶是IgG降解酶,用于表征单抗、Fc 融合蛋白治疗蛋白药物

  • 切割在铰链区下方的单个位点产生 F(ab') 2和 Fc 片段,具有高度可重复性和特异性

  • rIdeS 和 rIdeZ 蛋白酶均可有效切割来源于人的 IgG1、IgG2、IgG3 和 IgG4、人源化IgG 以及 Fc 融合蛋白。 IdeZ Protease 同时可切割鼠 抗IgG2a 和 IgG3


  • 酶切效率快:30min内酶切完全

  • ≥ 99.5% 纯度,由UPLC/ESI-MS 测定

  • 不含甘油,在质谱分析兼容

  • 与 PNGase F 结合可以实现整体糖蛋白的片段化和去糖基化


Recombinant express and purified rIdeS and rIdeZ Proteases are IgG degrading enzymes for the characterization of therapeutic antibodies, Fc fusion proteins and antibody-drug conjugates.glycan at Asn297 of the Fc region of IgG. Cleavage is highly reproducible and specific, at a single site below the hinge region, yielding F(ab')2 and Fc fragments. Both rIdeS and rIdeZ Proteases effectively cleave human IgG1, IgG2, IgG3 and IgG4, humanized and chimeric IgGs as well as Fc-fusion proteins. However, only IdeZ Protease cleaves mouse IgG2a and IgG3

Key Features :

  • Rapid cleavage: 30min cut-off F(ab') 2 and  Fc fragments

  • ≥ 99.5% purity, as determined by UPLC/ESI-MS

  • Glycerol-free for  mass spectrometry analysis

  • Combine with rPNGase F for  fragmentation and deglycosylation of glycoproteins

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